Hand Crimpers and Decrimpers, Kebby Industries

Hand Crimpers and Decrimpers

Kebby Hand Crimpers are ideal for low volume manual crimping of aluminum crimp seals onto vials and bottles.
  • Crimper sizes available from 7.5mm to 32mm for a variety of seal types.
  • Hand Crimpers have an adjustable stop allowing the operator to consistently achieve a tightly crimped seal.

Laboratory Grade Hand Crimpers

Hand Crimpers and Decappers for manual crimping and decapping vial caps. Manufactred by Kebby Industries, Inc.

Hand Crimper Products List

Description Kebby Item #
8mm Hand Crimper
11mm Hand Crimper
13mm Hand Crimper
20mm Hand Crimper
28mm Hand Crimper
30mm Hand Crimper
32mm Hand Crimper
Description Kebby Item #
13mm Hand Crimper for flip off seals
20mm Hand Crimper for flip off seals
28mm Hand Crimper for flip off seals
32mm Hand Crimper for flip off seals

Hand Crimper Products are available for a wide variety of sizes and styles not listed. For more information please contact Kebby Industries.

Decrimper Products 

Kebby Decrimpers are designed to remove crimped seals from vials in a controlled vertical motion. Simply place the decrimper jaws over the seal and squeeze the handles together.

What is the difference between Decrimpers and Decapper Pliers?

Decrimpers work similar to crimpers, providing a more controlled method for removing caps with little effort. This method avoids applying lateral strain to the vial neck when removing the crimped seal reducing the possibility of spilling the contents, or breakage of the vial. 
Description  Kebby Item #
8mm Decrimper  08001-00-D01A
11mm Decrimper
13mm Decrimper
20mm Decrimper
28mm Decrimper
30mm Decrimper
32mm Decrimper