Decappers for Botox 50ml and 100ml vials

Botox Vial Decappers

Use for removing seals from Botox vials

We offer 2 different product lines commonly used for removing caps from Botox vials. One is a plier decapper and the other is a decrimper tool.

What is the difference between the decapper and the decrimper?

Decrimpers work similar to crimpers, providing a more controlled method for removing caps with little effort. This method avoids applying lateral strain to the vial neck when removing the crimped seal reducing the possibility of spilling the contents, or breakage of the vial.  

 Decapper for Botox vials Botox vial opener 
 Vial Size Description  Part #   
 50ml Botox 50ml Decapper  D-13   Request Quote 
 100ml Botox 100ml Decapper   D-20  Request Quote
 200ml Botox 200ml Decapper   D-20  Request Quote
 50ml  De-Crimper for 50ml Botox Vials  13001-00-D01A  Request Quote
 100ml  De-Crimper for 100ml Botox Vials  20001-00-D01A  Request Quote
 200ml De-Crimper for 200ml Botox Vials   20001-00-D01A  Request Quote